Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Hair Color - How To Get Dark Red Hair!!

Hi guys!

So i've noticed that a lot of you who have been reading my circle lens reviews aren't asking me about the lesnes, but about my hair! haha! So today I am going answer the burning question:
"How did you get your hair color!?"
So for starters, I will admit that this color was sort of an experiment, I had no idea how my hair was gonna turn out. I just gave myself a super ugly dyejob and used red to cover it up. Soooo here's how it happened.
First I had black hair. I had been dying it black for years and years and years and really wanted a change. I got sooo sick of it after a while.
I also used to put bright ass colors in it too. lol. So I was then faced with the challenge of removing the black dye. EEeek. Risky, much? My first thought was BLEACH. I really didn't wanna mess with that stuff. The part where the blue was is super dry now because I had to bleach my hair white to get that vibrant color. SO I went to Sally's Beauty Supply in search of a 'color remover' that could possibly get the black out. I found this product:,default,pd.html?cgid=Hair05-10
So I used it and it worked! But the catch: I had to do the treatment seriously SIX TIMES to remove all the harsh black dye from my hair. The good thing was that it wasn't terribly damaging to my hair. SO after all my treatments, this is the color I got:
SOO MUCH LIGHTER!!! But the problem was, since the black dye I used had a blue hue to it, this light brown was sort of green. UGHH ewww I hated it sooo much!! I didn't want to use a chemical dye to do over it, my hair had been through enough. So I got the brilliant idea to use the remainder of my Manic Panic Vampire Red all over my hair. I didn't know (or care) how it turned out, I just wanted the nasty greenish brown in my hair to GTFO lol.
This is what saved my life/hair. I applied it alllll over my head and washed it out and got the color it is now! I have been dying it this color for about 6, maybe 7 months and I looove it so much, I will probably never go back to black, ever ever again haha. Here is the result :)

Buuuuttt BEWARE:
This dye stains!! So don't use white towels on wet hair or wear any clothes that could be stained by red dye for a few days after dying, as there is massive color transfer. You also probably don't wanna go swimming because this stuff will turn the pool pink lol!

Thats bout it, if you have a questions feel free to ask!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Princess Mimi Apple Green Circle Lens Review

Soooo I finally got them! Yessss I have been waiting for ages for these things! :D

These are the Geo version of the Tsubasa Bambi series. They are advertised to be a 15mm lens... Nope. Not true. They are definitely a 14.5 lens. These lenses also come in chocolate brown and sesame grey. Ooooo, fancy names, eh? Well I suppose these are fancy lenses :)

Where to Buy:
I got these free from for doing a review for my Hana SPC's. These lenses are not hard to find at all, every lens shop is getting them lately cause of their popularity.

Click photos to enlarge


  • Comfort: 9/10 - This is my first pair of Geo lenses. Geo is reputably not the most comfortable brand but I was pleasantly surprised by how comfy these are! After wearing them for like 6 hours they get a bit dry but up until then they feel awesome.
  • Color/Design: 9/10 - These lenses have a pretty cool pattern. There is a thick black limbal ring and then there is the green area, which is kinda speckley... Then it fades to a yellow color. I would prefer if the yellow wasn't so bright but that's just me. I also wish the limbal ring was thinner. But whatever, these lenses are suuuuppperrr pretty! They look natural-ish... from a distance. 
  • Enlargement: 8/10 - I have big eyes so these aren't super enlarging. They are a 14.5 lens and not a 15mm so yeah... lol.
  • Overall: 9/10 - Love them! They're more special occasion-y but I still love themm :D