Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Hair Color - How To Get Dark Red Hair!!

Hi guys!

So i've noticed that a lot of you who have been reading my circle lens reviews aren't asking me about the lesnes, but about my hair! haha! So today I am going answer the burning question:
"How did you get your hair color!?"
So for starters, I will admit that this color was sort of an experiment, I had no idea how my hair was gonna turn out. I just gave myself a super ugly dyejob and used red to cover it up. Soooo here's how it happened.
First I had black hair. I had been dying it black for years and years and years and really wanted a change. I got sooo sick of it after a while.
I also used to put bright ass colors in it too. lol. So I was then faced with the challenge of removing the black dye. EEeek. Risky, much? My first thought was BLEACH. I really didn't wanna mess with that stuff. The part where the blue was is super dry now because I had to bleach my hair white to get that vibrant color. SO I went to Sally's Beauty Supply in search of a 'color remover' that could possibly get the black out. I found this product:,default,pd.html?cgid=Hair05-10
So I used it and it worked! But the catch: I had to do the treatment seriously SIX TIMES to remove all the harsh black dye from my hair. The good thing was that it wasn't terribly damaging to my hair. SO after all my treatments, this is the color I got:
SOO MUCH LIGHTER!!! But the problem was, since the black dye I used had a blue hue to it, this light brown was sort of green. UGHH ewww I hated it sooo much!! I didn't want to use a chemical dye to do over it, my hair had been through enough. So I got the brilliant idea to use the remainder of my Manic Panic Vampire Red all over my hair. I didn't know (or care) how it turned out, I just wanted the nasty greenish brown in my hair to GTFO lol.
This is what saved my life/hair. I applied it alllll over my head and washed it out and got the color it is now! I have been dying it this color for about 6, maybe 7 months and I looove it so much, I will probably never go back to black, ever ever again haha. Here is the result :)

Buuuuttt BEWARE:
This dye stains!! So don't use white towels on wet hair or wear any clothes that could be stained by red dye for a few days after dying, as there is massive color transfer. You also probably don't wanna go swimming because this stuff will turn the pool pink lol!

Thats bout it, if you have a questions feel free to ask!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Princess Mimi Apple Green Circle Lens Review

Soooo I finally got them! Yessss I have been waiting for ages for these things! :D

These are the Geo version of the Tsubasa Bambi series. They are advertised to be a 15mm lens... Nope. Not true. They are definitely a 14.5 lens. These lenses also come in chocolate brown and sesame grey. Ooooo, fancy names, eh? Well I suppose these are fancy lenses :)

Where to Buy:
I got these free from for doing a review for my Hana SPC's. These lenses are not hard to find at all, every lens shop is getting them lately cause of their popularity.

Click photos to enlarge


  • Comfort: 9/10 - This is my first pair of Geo lenses. Geo is reputably not the most comfortable brand but I was pleasantly surprised by how comfy these are! After wearing them for like 6 hours they get a bit dry but up until then they feel awesome.
  • Color/Design: 9/10 - These lenses have a pretty cool pattern. There is a thick black limbal ring and then there is the green area, which is kinda speckley... Then it fades to a yellow color. I would prefer if the yellow wasn't so bright but that's just me. I also wish the limbal ring was thinner. But whatever, these lenses are suuuuppperrr pretty! They look natural-ish... from a distance. 
  • Enlargement: 8/10 - I have big eyes so these aren't super enlarging. They are a 14.5 lens and not a 15mm so yeah... lol.
  • Overall: 9/10 - Love them! They're more special occasion-y but I still love themm :D

Friday, April 29, 2011

NEW Princess Mimi Cafe series lenses - OMG!!!

So I was just browsing circle lenses which I often do... and I came across the most glorious collection of lenses, probably ever! :D I figured I should share them lol

They are all sooo pretty!!! I managed to find a photo of the actual lens on

AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! It's sooooo gorgeous!!! That one is the Machiatto Brown. That is the one I absolutely must have haha.
You can get them via preorder on this site
They have them other places but this is the only site I could f ind that has power in them. I'm so blind :(
Soooo... When I get more money, cause I am super duper broke, I will probably have to order these. lol.
I was just so excited about these lenses that I felt the need to make a post about them lol.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gothic 3-Tone Turquoise Lens - Circle Lens Review

I received them in the mail yesterday, FINAL:LY!!! I am waiting on some Princess Mimi Green Lenses So stay tuned for those too!

These lenses I guess are made by G&G? thats what the vials they came in said... They're comparable to the EOS G-307 lenses which I originally wanted but I couldn't find them anywhere ready stock and in prescription! *pouts*
But whatever, here they are, 14.5mm, 3 tones, you know the deal!

Where to Buy:
I bought these at
the shipping cost is only $5 to ship to the US. Good deal! I have been a long-time customer of pinkyparadise and I've never been dissatisfied with their service.

close up with flash
 close up no flash

  • Comort: 8/10 - They kinda dry out a little bit, which is a problem I have never had with contacts. But it's nothing eyedrops can't fix. Also the one in my right eye likes to drift off to the side. But overall pretty comfy!
  • Color/Design: 8/10 - I love the natural looking 3 tone designs of lenses. Especially this one cause it has a small pupil hole, and I love me some small pupil holes :) It has a greyish kind of hazy limbal ring that fades into turquoise, and then the turquoise fades to a sort of dark yellowy browny color... Really good for blending. The reason I didn't give it 10/10 is because its not that vibrant on my super dark brown eye. It looks amazing in flash photography and in the daylight but other than that it just looks like a super dark turquoise.
  • Enlargement: 6/10 - They are slightly enlarging. Which is good for some people but I have big eyes and I LOVE huge lenses. These are not huge enough for me, the enlargement is too natural lol! But there is a significant difference between my natural eye and this lens.
  • Overall: 8/10 - I'm gonna wear these to class today. They are pretty and subtle, but too subtle for me, a girl who loves bright colors. If they made these in 14.7mm... SOLD. haha I want bigger!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Barbie Eye Super Nudy Pink - Circle Lens Review

I have had these lenses for a looonngg time haha. You will notice in my photos that I look totally different, that is because they were taken a year ago when these lenses were purchased.

These lenses are advertised as 15mm in diameter. All I have to say to that is LIES. Lol. They are a 14.5 lens. They are the same size as my 14.5mm Hana SPC's and smaller than my 14.7mm Wondereye Greens. You can't always trust the diameter that the lens companies advertise. They are also available in blue, green, grey, and brown.

Where to Buy:

I bought these from . I don't really remember much about the service since I bought these so long ago... Sorry! All I can tell you is that they are authentic lenses.


These are the million year old photos I was referring to lol. You can click them to make them larger.
close up without flash
close up with flash

  • Comfort: 8/10: When I first put these lenses is they really irritated my eyes but after a few minutes of wear they felt just fine and I wore them without problems.
  • Enlargement:: 8/10: These lenses are not by any stretch of the imagination a 15mm lens as claimed. They are a 14.5mm lens but they are still enlarging! They just aren't massively huge and alien-looking. The size is a really good size.
  • Color/Design: 10/10: For being a pink lens, these are pretty 'natural', if you will. They arent super vibrant IN YOUR FACE pink. The speckled pattern of them makes them less opaque. It shows my brown eye through the lens so it's not super fake-looking. Yes, you can tell that I am wearing colored contacts (of course) but they aren't freaky looking in my opinion. From a distance they look kinda pinkish purple at times. They're really pretty and I wouldn't mind wearing these in public :) They blend super well with brown eyes!
  • Overall: 9/10: Definitely love these lenses. They aren't too giant, like my Wondereye super Nudys are. They have a pretty sparkly look to them, it's really gorgeous :) I'm probably gonna start wearing these more often, I don't know why I haven't worn them in so long.

    Thats all for this review! I have a pair of EOS G307 Gothic Turquoise currently in transit to my house. As soon as I get those I will review them :D I cannot waiiiiitt! So stay tuned!

    xoxo--- Teenyyy

    Monday, April 18, 2011

    i.fairy Moe Moe Grey - Circle Lens Review

    I had been eyeing these lenses for months before I actually decided to buy them. I was looking for a grey lens that was both vibrant AND very enlarging and these were the ones I finally decided on after going on an extensive internet search to find EXACTLY what I wanted.

     These lenses are advertised as 15mm in diameter. That is not true. Like at all. Lol. They're honestly more like a 14.5mm lens. They are available in prescription from -0.00 to -6.00. Whew! I barely made the cut on that one, my prescription is -5.00. They are only available in one other color; brown. Boo to that. I really want them to come out with a green or maybe an ice blue in these, but we'll see.

    Where to Buy:
    I purchased these off of Geo Lens House on Facebook of all places.!/pages/Geo-Lens-House/111387182218902
    They are a legit lens distributor so you don't have to worry about fake lenses or scams or anything. You'll also see my photos in some of their albums, they asked if I send them a photo of me wearing the lens for use on the site :) And the shipping is pretty quick as well! The price is listed as RM50 which in USD is about $17.00. Not bad at all!

    Click the images to see them larger

    Close up view of lenses with flash
    Close up without flash

    • Comfort: 10/10 - No problems at all! These lenses are thin so you can't feel them in your eyes even after you've been wearing them for a while.
    • Enlargement: 8/10 - There is a significant enlargement, its just hard to see on my eyes because I kind of have pretty big eyes to begin with! These are smaller than my Wondereye Super Nudy Green and Purples (which are 14.7mm) so I think they are a 14.5 lens and not a 15mm lens as advertised.
    • Color/Design: 8/10 - These lenses are light. I have very dark brown eyes and these lenses make my eyes very noticeably lighter. There is a hazy dark grey limbal ring that fades into a light grey. There is also a rather large yellow sort of sunburst patter around the pupil hole, which is the reason I didn't give these lenses a 10/10. The yellow is soooo bright and opaque that it makes my eyes look very wolf-esque. My friends saw them and they said the same thing lol. They also have a 3D look to them because of that damn yellow sumburst. But these lenses are amazing in photos and in low lighting :) Sooo pretty and sparkly looking.
    • Overall: 8/10 - These would be an everyday wear lens for me if the yellow part of the lens wasn't so big and bright, or better yet if it just plain wasn't there haha. They're pretty, just a little too much to be wearing to school and work. Maybe I will wear them at night where the yellow-ness will be less noticeable. I think I'm going to try the EOS g-307 lenses in grey next because they fade to brown in the center instead of bright-ass yellow lol.

      So I still have a few more pairs of circle lenses to review... and there is one other pair currently in transit to me. Stay tuned for more!

      xoxo--- Teenyyy

      Sunday, April 17, 2011

      Summer Fashion: Sundresses and Wedges

      I am soooo incredibly excited for summer to get here! The weather is slowly warming up and I cannot wait to pack away the sweaters and boots and bring out the sandals and dresses.

      I've put together a pretty summer look on my latest shopping trip that I would like to share with you all :)

      I saw this necklace at Forever 21 and when I saw that the price was only $6.80 I just HAD to buy it and I thought, hey, I could make an entire outfit based around this one necklace... Plus it matched my Juicy Couture bag I was carrying :D

      I bought this bag ages ago from ($300.00) but unfortunately they no longer make it.
      I bought this sundress from Express Co, which I happen to be an associate at :)

       You can purchase it in the store or you can buy it online here:
      It comes in violet and white and it retails for $79.90 but since I have an employee discount, I got it for only $56.00. Express has TONS of coupons and promotions that make it easy to get discounts so sign up for the website and they will send you E-mails and coupons for a certain dollar amount off of a certain dollar amount purchase and let you know when the sales are.

      Last but not least, I found these amazing metallic shoes when I went to Shi by Journeys. They are bronze and gold with a zipper detail. The wedge is a cork wedge and had a pretty white painted feather pattern on it.

      you can buy them here ON SALE for only $19.99, or use the lookup feature to locate a pair in a store near you! They are super comfy like most wedges are, and they aren't difficult to walk in, even after i've had a few drinks ;)

      The outfit on myself:

      Here is what the dress looks like on me. It is true to size, but you may need to go up or down a size depending on the size of your bust.

      The shoes - Please ignore the hideous 3 month old pedicure hahaha

      and here is the whole outfit. It is the best photo I could get using the self timer on my camera so I apologize for the quality... But I think you can get the gist of it through this photo.

      This outfit is perfect for a summer's day out, and hell, even a summer night out if you're not going anywhere too fancy! I love wearing this, it's so comfortable and I get multiple compliments on my outfit when I'm out :) Here are a few more photos, just for fun :)

      you can really see how sparkly and pretty the necklace is in this one. I think gold and white really compliment my red hair :)

      Thats all folks!

      xoxo--- Teenyy