Thursday, April 21, 2011

Barbie Eye Super Nudy Pink - Circle Lens Review

I have had these lenses for a looonngg time haha. You will notice in my photos that I look totally different, that is because they were taken a year ago when these lenses were purchased.

These lenses are advertised as 15mm in diameter. All I have to say to that is LIES. Lol. They are a 14.5 lens. They are the same size as my 14.5mm Hana SPC's and smaller than my 14.7mm Wondereye Greens. You can't always trust the diameter that the lens companies advertise. They are also available in blue, green, grey, and brown.

Where to Buy:

I bought these from . I don't really remember much about the service since I bought these so long ago... Sorry! All I can tell you is that they are authentic lenses.


These are the million year old photos I was referring to lol. You can click them to make them larger.
close up without flash
close up with flash

  • Comfort: 8/10: When I first put these lenses is they really irritated my eyes but after a few minutes of wear they felt just fine and I wore them without problems.
  • Enlargement:: 8/10: These lenses are not by any stretch of the imagination a 15mm lens as claimed. They are a 14.5mm lens but they are still enlarging! They just aren't massively huge and alien-looking. The size is a really good size.
  • Color/Design: 10/10: For being a pink lens, these are pretty 'natural', if you will. They arent super vibrant IN YOUR FACE pink. The speckled pattern of them makes them less opaque. It shows my brown eye through the lens so it's not super fake-looking. Yes, you can tell that I am wearing colored contacts (of course) but they aren't freaky looking in my opinion. From a distance they look kinda pinkish purple at times. They're really pretty and I wouldn't mind wearing these in public :) They blend super well with brown eyes!
  • Overall: 9/10: Definitely love these lenses. They aren't too giant, like my Wondereye super Nudys are. They have a pretty sparkly look to them, it's really gorgeous :) I'm probably gonna start wearing these more often, I don't know why I haven't worn them in so long.

    Thats all for this review! I have a pair of EOS G307 Gothic Turquoise currently in transit to my house. As soon as I get those I will review them :D I cannot waiiiiitt! So stay tuned!

    xoxo--- Teenyyy

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