Sunday, April 17, 2011

Summer Fashion: Sundresses and Wedges

I am soooo incredibly excited for summer to get here! The weather is slowly warming up and I cannot wait to pack away the sweaters and boots and bring out the sandals and dresses.

I've put together a pretty summer look on my latest shopping trip that I would like to share with you all :)

I saw this necklace at Forever 21 and when I saw that the price was only $6.80 I just HAD to buy it and I thought, hey, I could make an entire outfit based around this one necklace... Plus it matched my Juicy Couture bag I was carrying :D

I bought this bag ages ago from ($300.00) but unfortunately they no longer make it.
I bought this sundress from Express Co, which I happen to be an associate at :)

 You can purchase it in the store or you can buy it online here:
It comes in violet and white and it retails for $79.90 but since I have an employee discount, I got it for only $56.00. Express has TONS of coupons and promotions that make it easy to get discounts so sign up for the website and they will send you E-mails and coupons for a certain dollar amount off of a certain dollar amount purchase and let you know when the sales are.

Last but not least, I found these amazing metallic shoes when I went to Shi by Journeys. They are bronze and gold with a zipper detail. The wedge is a cork wedge and had a pretty white painted feather pattern on it.

you can buy them here ON SALE for only $19.99, or use the lookup feature to locate a pair in a store near you! They are super comfy like most wedges are, and they aren't difficult to walk in, even after i've had a few drinks ;)

The outfit on myself:

Here is what the dress looks like on me. It is true to size, but you may need to go up or down a size depending on the size of your bust.

The shoes - Please ignore the hideous 3 month old pedicure hahaha

and here is the whole outfit. It is the best photo I could get using the self timer on my camera so I apologize for the quality... But I think you can get the gist of it through this photo.

This outfit is perfect for a summer's day out, and hell, even a summer night out if you're not going anywhere too fancy! I love wearing this, it's so comfortable and I get multiple compliments on my outfit when I'm out :) Here are a few more photos, just for fun :)

you can really see how sparkly and pretty the necklace is in this one. I think gold and white really compliment my red hair :)

Thats all folks!

xoxo--- Teenyy


  1. Th-that... that necklace is.... <33 Gorgeous. : _ ;

    And overall, a well-polished, but effortless, outfit. :]

  2. You look gorgeous!
    I love this. White usually isn't my thing.