Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gothic 3-Tone Turquoise Lens - Circle Lens Review

I received them in the mail yesterday, FINAL:LY!!! I am waiting on some Princess Mimi Green Lenses So stay tuned for those too!

These lenses I guess are made by G&G? thats what the vials they came in said... They're comparable to the EOS G-307 lenses which I originally wanted but I couldn't find them anywhere ready stock and in prescription! *pouts*
But whatever, here they are, 14.5mm, 3 tones, you know the deal!

Where to Buy:
I bought these at
the shipping cost is only $5 to ship to the US. Good deal! I have been a long-time customer of pinkyparadise and I've never been dissatisfied with their service.

close up with flash
 close up no flash

  • Comort: 8/10 - They kinda dry out a little bit, which is a problem I have never had with contacts. But it's nothing eyedrops can't fix. Also the one in my right eye likes to drift off to the side. But overall pretty comfy!
  • Color/Design: 8/10 - I love the natural looking 3 tone designs of lenses. Especially this one cause it has a small pupil hole, and I love me some small pupil holes :) It has a greyish kind of hazy limbal ring that fades into turquoise, and then the turquoise fades to a sort of dark yellowy browny color... Really good for blending. The reason I didn't give it 10/10 is because its not that vibrant on my super dark brown eye. It looks amazing in flash photography and in the daylight but other than that it just looks like a super dark turquoise.
  • Enlargement: 6/10 - They are slightly enlarging. Which is good for some people but I have big eyes and I LOVE huge lenses. These are not huge enough for me, the enlargement is too natural lol! But there is a significant difference between my natural eye and this lens.
  • Overall: 8/10 - I'm gonna wear these to class today. They are pretty and subtle, but too subtle for me, a girl who loves bright colors. If they made these in 14.7mm... SOLD. haha I want bigger!!


  1. Ooohhh- love that blending effect. <33 And actually, since EOS updated their catalogue, their 'Max Size' series (including 307) can be ordered in 14.5 or 14.8 mm. So you can get the G-307 as their larger version: the WM-307.

    Actually, you wanted the Adult/203 series but larger, yes? They're also available in 14.5 and 14.8 mm. (G-203 and WM-203, respectively.) ;P

  2. Ahaha- you can always get any EOS lenses you don't see stocked via an EOS pre-order. There's usually a half-dozen sites you can easily find with EOS pre-orders. Circle Lens Addiction's ( super popular/well known (plus I've bought from there a buunch of times), but there's also a lot of other sites, such as Cute DollyEyes ( where you can get EOS's for pre-order. C:

    At this point, ALL of EOS' lenses offer prescription as far as I know. Even 2 dozen or so of their costume lenses come in Rx. :]] You can see the full catalog on the EOS website:

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