Monday, April 18, 2011

i.fairy Moe Moe Grey - Circle Lens Review

I had been eyeing these lenses for months before I actually decided to buy them. I was looking for a grey lens that was both vibrant AND very enlarging and these were the ones I finally decided on after going on an extensive internet search to find EXACTLY what I wanted.

 These lenses are advertised as 15mm in diameter. That is not true. Like at all. Lol. They're honestly more like a 14.5mm lens. They are available in prescription from -0.00 to -6.00. Whew! I barely made the cut on that one, my prescription is -5.00. They are only available in one other color; brown. Boo to that. I really want them to come out with a green or maybe an ice blue in these, but we'll see.

Where to Buy:
I purchased these off of Geo Lens House on Facebook of all places.!/pages/Geo-Lens-House/111387182218902
They are a legit lens distributor so you don't have to worry about fake lenses or scams or anything. You'll also see my photos in some of their albums, they asked if I send them a photo of me wearing the lens for use on the site :) And the shipping is pretty quick as well! The price is listed as RM50 which in USD is about $17.00. Not bad at all!

Click the images to see them larger

Close up view of lenses with flash
Close up without flash

  • Comfort: 10/10 - No problems at all! These lenses are thin so you can't feel them in your eyes even after you've been wearing them for a while.
  • Enlargement: 8/10 - There is a significant enlargement, its just hard to see on my eyes because I kind of have pretty big eyes to begin with! These are smaller than my Wondereye Super Nudy Green and Purples (which are 14.7mm) so I think they are a 14.5 lens and not a 15mm lens as advertised.
  • Color/Design: 8/10 - These lenses are light. I have very dark brown eyes and these lenses make my eyes very noticeably lighter. There is a hazy dark grey limbal ring that fades into a light grey. There is also a rather large yellow sort of sunburst patter around the pupil hole, which is the reason I didn't give these lenses a 10/10. The yellow is soooo bright and opaque that it makes my eyes look very wolf-esque. My friends saw them and they said the same thing lol. They also have a 3D look to them because of that damn yellow sumburst. But these lenses are amazing in photos and in low lighting :) Sooo pretty and sparkly looking.
  • Overall: 8/10 - These would be an everyday wear lens for me if the yellow part of the lens wasn't so big and bright, or better yet if it just plain wasn't there haha. They're pretty, just a little too much to be wearing to school and work. Maybe I will wear them at night where the yellow-ness will be less noticeable. I think I'm going to try the EOS g-307 lenses in grey next because they fade to brown in the center instead of bright-ass yellow lol.

    So I still have a few more pairs of circle lenses to review... and there is one other pair currently in transit to me. Stay tuned for more!

    xoxo--- Teenyyy


    1. Ahaha-- loovee them: even with the 'wolf' effect. (In fact, that makes me like them more~.)

      And yessss- I thought I recognized you on Geo Lens-House's customer photos area. : D

    2. just wanted to say i love your hair color. may i ask what brand do you use & what's the name of this color? is it burgundy or maroon?

    3. this was very helpful to me, i just bought a pair! im following you! Thanks!