Friday, April 29, 2011

NEW Princess Mimi Cafe series lenses - OMG!!!

So I was just browsing circle lenses which I often do... and I came across the most glorious collection of lenses, probably ever! :D I figured I should share them lol

They are all sooo pretty!!! I managed to find a photo of the actual lens on

AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! It's sooooo gorgeous!!! That one is the Machiatto Brown. That is the one I absolutely must have haha.
You can get them via preorder on this site
They have them other places but this is the only site I could f ind that has power in them. I'm so blind :(
Soooo... When I get more money, cause I am super duper broke, I will probably have to order these. lol.
I was just so excited about these lenses that I felt the need to make a post about them lol.


  1. wow i have never seen lenses so stylized like that! id love to see what they look like on.. anyway new follower :) i love your hair! your gorgeous lol :)

  2. Wow those look gorgeous !! I really wanna try out the Waffle (WMM-505) LOVE the lenses ^_^

  3. Those lens looks so unique!~ I want to try them! o___o

    btw you're really pretty!

  4. I loooove your eyes! big, beautiful and cuuute >.< and your eyelashes too, *envy* >0<

  5. heee sorry for not being specific, what i meant was are you erm part Caucasian part asian or something?you look very cute! :) very doll eyes :D I have a friend shes a caucasian asian mix,and she looks almost like you XXD

  6. those lenses look absolutely amazing!!!

  7. Wow, the lenses look amazing and I love your blog! Following! Please drop by and see mine too ^^*

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