Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wondereye Super Nudy Green - Circle Lens Review

I have had these lenses forever but I didn't have a blog to review them on so I didn't get the chance to share them. But now I do have a blog sooo... let's get on it :)


These lenses are comparable to the Geo Super Nudy Series, but a lot of brands are coming out with a series that looks just like these. They are 14.7mm in diameter and available in prescription! They are available in other colors as well: Grey, Blue, Brown, Pink and Violet.

Where to buy:

I purchased these lenses from
right there. Pinky Paradise is definitely my favorite lens distributor. They were 22.90 plus $5 shipping to the USA. They arrived about 2 weeks after shipping, which isn't too bad considering they're coming allll the way from Malaysia.


no flash

  • Comfort: 6/10 - These lenses take a bit of getting used to in my eye, mainly because they are HUGE. Once I wear them for a couple hours I get sort of used to them but I can always feel them in my eye which I can't with other lenses I own.
  • Enlargement: 10/10 - biggest lenses that I own, hands down. The pupil hole is also fairly small and what I have noticed with circle lenses intended to change your eye color is that the smaller the pupil hole is in respect to the diameter of the lens, the more enlarging the lens will be. So I do not recommend these if you have small eyes because they will look a bit ridiculous... unless of course that is the look you are going for :) 
  • Color/Design: 7/10 - The lens is a two tone lens and the limbal ring is thick and noticeable. The rest of the lens is a sort of speckled pattern. It looks rather reptile-ish and a bit freaky in my opinion! The photo on pinkyparadise is a very accurate depiction of the lens. On my really dark brown eyes the color shows up to be a sort of muted, frosty yet darkish foresty green, kind of a dark turquoise at times if that makes any sense whatsoever lol. It's not super vibrant but the huge size will attract a lot of stares, regardless!
  • Overall: 7/10 - Gorgeous lens, just not for me. I can Imagine this looking amazing as an enhancer on someone with light colored eyes, but with my hair color and skin tone it just doesn't look that great on me :P.

    I won't really be wearing these out much... I can't look people in the eye with them haha.
    I have lots more circle lens reviews on the way, sooo stay tuned :)

    xoxo--- Teenyy

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